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Pioneering the entry of a Successful and duplicable global business model to Africa!

Our Success Stories

Lauris Stiglics is the European leader of NHT Word/GlobalWellBeing team and prior getting involved in MLM industry he worked for such Global companies like Microsoft and Samsung, later he started Headhunter business for several Global Pharmaceutical and IT&T companies.

Lauris is confident in his ability to transform and empower the life of any genuine, ambitious, and coach-able person through the wonderful platform of network marketing!

Lauris is commited to open African market and build a team of leaders there.

Dalibor Štrop is the number one Leader for the new markets of central Europe. His background is in marketing and advertising. He lived a few years in Kiev, Ukraine working in international advertising agencies (J.W. Thompson Prague, Euro RSCG). Subsequently he returned back to Prague to establish his own advertising agency oriented to local clients. Dalibor always wanted to help other people grow. And now it is easier then ever for him to help other people to run their own multimillion Dollar companies. He cooperates with Tomas, Garth and other MLM team members from all around the world. (New Zealand, Africa and EU countries etc..)


Joe Garcia. Ten years ago, I was looking for a way to start a business from home and found the Network Marketing industry. Immediately, I realized that the secret to success was to surround myself with successful people and find mentors who had successfully achieved similar goals that I had set for myself.

I believe that because of this mindset, I quickly started to reach my goals and develop a business that has done millions and million of dollars of business in North America and internationally. My NHT Global organization spans the globe, and I am excited about the incredible growth and the corporate-wide goal of becoming a billion dollar company.

Dan Catto. Prior to getting involved in the industry several years ago, I had spent years in the corporate world and a couple of years owning and running my own importing company. After losing everything through a bankruptcy, corporate takeover and a divorce, I ended up in the hospital for several months with a severe illness. When I was released, I moved back in with my parents for support and went on government assistance. The network marketing industry and NHT Global has been able to give me my life back. I've been able to earn in ONE WEEK what I used to earn in a whole year in my best years in the corporate world. I now own million dollar homes in two countries, but most important help countless other people create financial independence and complete freedom in countries around the world.





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